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Co Curricular

April Month

Blossoms Excursion- 2022-23

Place: Birla Planetarium

Members : 170 Students, 8 teachers, 6 parent volunteers and 1 support staff

Timings: 9:30 am – 2:30 am

The children of Blossoms were taken to Children enjoyed their visual visit to the Solar system, where they learnt about the planets, asteroids, comets and the sun. Later, they witnessed a 3D show on dinosaurs. Children visited number of galleries where they got an insi were preserved. They enjoyed being into the math gallery where they played many arithmetical games. Later, they had lunch, played games with teachers and turned backed to school around 2:30 p.m.

Blossoms Excursion Blossoms Excursion

LKG Excursion

On 8 August 2022 65 students with 4 teachers and 3 parent volunteers visited the ECO park, Chetpet, Chennai. It has a beautiful aquarium with lots of fish. Children leisurely strolled around the lake there and enjoyed seeing the aquarium. They observed the different types of fish and their names.

LKG Excursion

Report of Class IV Excursion to Dakshin Chitra

The students of class IV went on an excursion to Dakshin Chitra on 13 February 2023 , a living museum near Chennai. It is dedicated to South Indian heritage and culture. Here, children saw different types of house architecture, materials used in construction, weaving and handicraft materials. They watched a documentary on the people of South India and their traditions and customs. The museum has 18 heritage houses representing the living styles of people from the states. The bullock cart ride and pot making were a few activities children took part in and enjoyed. Around 80 students were accompanied by 4 parent volunteers and 4 teachers on the excursion. The children had fun and frolic on the entire day of the excursion.

Class4 Excursion Report

Primary Project Day Report

The project day was celebrated on the 25th of February by the students of AMM School.

All the students participated in the project that was titled "Practice to perfect". The LKG classes took topics like Fantasy World, Characters from Ramayana and Dynasties of the past in India. The students of Buds and blossoms demonstrated the health benefits of eating millets as it is the “Year of Millets” through dance, dramas, debates etc. The class IV students selected the traditional rice varieties like Mappilai samba and Karuppu kavuni rice as their topics and portrayed the benefits of eating our old rice varieties.

The students presented their project confidently and were able to explain their part perfectly.

Parents and visitors were amazed at how well the students presented their project.

Primary Project Day Report