AMM School - News Bulletin 2021

THE TEAM BEHIND Yashwanth Vijay Keerthiraj. S Harini Pritiyanhira. S Ashwanth. S FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Online Education moves from an optional to the only form of learning during this pandemic situation. Our teachers made the best of this situation by exploring new methods of teaching and assessment. School this year was rough, we lacked what made school special, the events. One of the biggest cons of online school is that events were infinitely harder to conduct. Even with this, the teachers managed to make it work and conducted many wonderful events like, Art Mela which helped us to show our creative sides, and the project which made us learn a lot more about subjects like language and science. Besides these events, we also had the Enrichment programme across middle school, which was a great way to learn more about science and math. I thank the Principal, the teachers, and everyone for providing us with a great school year even in rough times like this. 1 AMM E-NEWS BULLETIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY CLASS 9 Issue: 2 November-April 2021