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July Month
Date Activity Class /Participants Organizer Outcome
01/07/2017 Parenting Worskhop & Reading Programme Class I Ms. Sarada Rao, Ms. Preethi & Class I Teachers Parents were happy and gave their feedback
01/07/2017 Parenting Worskhop Class II - IV Ms. Priya Bennet
01/07/2017 Reading Workshop & Motor activities LKG & UKG Ms. Kavitha, Ms. Sree Latha, Ms. Paavai, Ms. Christina, Ms. Deva kumari, & Ms. Ramya Workshop was conducted with hands on activities with children & parents including fine/ gross motor activities
08/07/2017 Art of History Mrs.Suganthi and Mrs.Ramani Melinda Darrow in Bala Vidhya Mandir To implement the art in teaching lesson
15/07/2017 Association of Geography teachers  of India   YMIC Steps to conserve mangrove forest
18/07/2017 VTF – Middle school Teachers of classes VI – VII from AMM, VCHS, SRM, TI Schools AMMF – Facilitated by V.P Shared different teaching techniques which were useful and informative.
20/07/17 Regional Summit of School principles- “Aggression in Children –Causes and precaution” Principal, Head Mistress and Counsellor Dr. Ravindran
ICTRC(Institute of Counsellor training Research and Consultancy)
It was an awareness seminar, on various causes of aggression in children and what steps schools can take to handle it effectively.
20/07/17 RSP training Mr.Sathya Narayanan, Mr. Paul Vinotha Rajan Tamil Nadu Police Traffic warden organization and Chennai city traffic police Mr. Paul Vinotha Rajan received Best RSP teacher award from JC Mr. Prem Anand Sinha I.P.S
22/07/17 VTF- teacher training –Primary Section 5 teachers from TI School  AMMF-facilitated by Head Mistress.
PPT on effective teaching by Mrs. Devi Alagappan
The session was useful, informative, agenda for next VIF was discussed.
 Various techniques on collaborative learning and microteaching were shared.
22/07/17 VTF- teacher training 7 teachers from KG of AMM School. TI School   Shared various techniques of collaborative learning with lots of activities. PPT
22/07/17 VIF- teacher training – Pre Primary 5 teachers from AMM School TI School – Ms. Seethalakshmi  took over the session Shared different teaching techniques which were useful and informative.
22/07/2017 9th Enviro-2017(Environmental program)-competitions. i)Story writing     (1 from – Class V)
ii)Quiz(2 from class VIII)
iii)Banner / Poster designing(1 from  class 9)
Science Olympiad foundation and Industrial Waste Management(IWMA) Participation only
25/07/17 Rosatom Festival of Science 5 students from Class IX Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Moscow Russian Centre of Science of Culture, Chennai with Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre, Chennai Benefits of nuclear energy. The importance of setting up nuclear power stations to meet the energy needs of the increasing population. It also helped in clearing certain misconceptions people have about nuclear energy.
25/07/17 Colloquium on Nuclear Power Ms.Uma and 5 students from class IX attended Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre, Chennai  
26/07/2017 Biotech Expo , 7 students and 1 teacher Rajalakshmi Engineering College Hands on activity in Biotechnology
29/07/2017 Safety in School laboratories Vidhya, Deerka and Deepa ( Lab Assistants) Vana vani Matric. Hr. Sec. School, IIT Madras Campus Safety Rules and Measures to be allowed in Lab