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Recitation Competition
Does Poetry Recitation have a significant impact in helping our young learners develop literary skills? Poetry Recitation is an art. So, Poetry Recitation Competition was conducted for Classes I - IX.
Classes I and II enjoyed the beauty of expressing rhyme and rhythm and also learnt new vocabulary words during the recitation.
Classes III and IV recited the given poems with proper pitch, voice inflection and intonation. This competition helped them place emphasis on the sound and rhythm of language.
This Poetry Recitation Competition helped the students of Classes V - VIII develop self expressions and memorization skills. Through their recitation, they also conveyed a message to the audience. The messages varied from class to class. It gave an opportunity to the audience to learn to tackle big challenges.
Class IX delivered the Speeches of Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Shri Rabindranath Tagore and Mr Barrack Obama. When they delivered the speeches, they connected with the audience through the use of gestures and facial expression. They also gained confidence in Public Speaking skills.