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Project Display
Project based learning is a powerful approach to teaching and learning. So, as a part of International Cultural Fest - 2018, Project Day was held on 22nd and 23rd February '18 for Classes KG - IX. Each class was given a country to conduct a research on its location, national symbols, culture, tradition, food, language, government, judiciary, music, dance etc.
LKG and UKG conducted a research on countires namely UAE, South Africa, Singapore, Nepal, China and Hawaii Island. This learning gave the tiny tots an opportunity to enhance their speaking skills.
Students of Class V acquired a deeper knowledge through active exploration on England and Finland. This gave them the opportunity to develop their ability to work with peers and build team work.
Students of Class IX had taken Fiji Island and New Zealand. When they interacted with the judges, they realised that project based learning is the best learning experience.