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Track and Field Events
Track and Field Events for Classes V - XII were conducted on 22nd July, 2017 at YMCA, Nandanam.
The participants of 100 mts. to 1500 mts. knew that they required the basic skill set with some added strength and endurance to cover the additional distance. This was seen on the track.
The participants of Javelin Throw ran within a predetermined distance and built speed and threw the Javelin as far as possible.
Children who participated in Discus Throw spinned the Discus a counter-clockwise motion and released it. The participant who threw it the furthest won.
Four athletes from each House formed a team and each team member ran one quarter of the track. It was not just the speed of each team member but the precision of their baton passed, determined how well the winners did.
Winners make things happen. They understood the concept of "Winning" which gave them a huge self-confidence boost. The winners on the victory stand have admirable qualities that separated them from others.