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Project Day
LKG A - Summer - "Sunny Days, with Smiling Sun". Children learnt and spoke about the fruits, vegetables, games related to Summer season. They made crafts and sang rhymes. Activities like making use of watermelon seeds for the given number, making ice-cream scoops was the highlight of the project. Guests enjoyed interacting with the children and it was lively.
LKG B - Autumn - "Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling", the topic about Autumn season. Children enjoyed and did many crafts related to this season. Highlight of the class was CONVERSATION - where all the children interacted, integrated the topic and conversed in English. They share the PRIZE with UKG A.
LKG C - Winter - "Be like Snow". Children learnt the name of the seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, festivals, sports of winter season. Children did different Art & craft items like boots, gloves, snowman, Reindeer and so on. The classroom was highlighted with huge size of Igloo and Snowman. Children enacted the play "The Ant and the Grasshopper" with the moral "Help Each Other"
UKG A - National Symbols & DSCN9873 - "United and Strong". Children of UKG A displayed and spoke about our National Symbols. They brought out many unknown facts of our country. Parents were able to do hands-on activities with children. The Spirit of Patriotism was felt by everyone visited the class. They share the PRIZE with LKG B.
UKG B - Northern Hemisphere - Children enjoyed learning about the five countries in Northern Hemisphere through Crafts and Activities. It was fun to act out a popular Chinese story and learn through it. The kids wrapped it up with a word of wisdom in the form of fortune cookie.
I A - Empathy and Helping Others - "Empathy → Better Communication". The topic covered values like compassion, charity, helping others and empathy. It had a message "Do not follow values today or tomorrow, but every day". Children learnt the values and decided to follow it on their daily basis.
I B – Happy Learning Strategies – "Discover the happiness already within you". The class had different learning strategies like Peer learning, Co-operative learning, Hands on Activities, Action Songs, Cubing Activity and Demonstration of a Reading Programme. They also had Number bonds game for addition, Days of the Week wheel and Money ring Game. The highlight of the project was the Laughter Yoga. On the whole, the children and the parents had lots of fun..
I C – Think Big & DSCN9876– "Think Big, Act Big and Reach Big" is the mantra everyone should follow in life to achieve great heights. All activities of the classroom are woven around it and the inert activities of the students are brought out. They shared their PRIZE with II B.
II A - Creating Positivity in the Classroom - "I Can Do It". This project was displayed to make the children understand the ways or methods to create positivity in the classroom, instantly on students practice, learning and morals on how to receive positivity from nature and our fellow beings like handshake, hi-fi, group activities, skit, dance, games and different learning strategies. Students performed well and enjoyed the memorable day. "Positive thoughts generate with positive feelings and attract with positive life experiences".
II B - Things Students Love - "Do not aim for Success just do what you love to do, Success will come to you." If you don't love what you are doing you cannot give your best. So always do what you love and believe in you. "The ultimate dream in life is too able to do what you love and learn something from it." They shared their PRIZE with I C.
III A – Love towards Nature – "A Sense of Wonder". The children learnt how to quit the plastic sachets, milk packets and also about how to get back our lost ecosystem. In addition to that, the plants which purifies the air were also presented. The smart city project taken up by the government which emphasis on roof garden, rain water harvest, green school initiative were discussed with the visitors.
III B – Cleanliness & DSCN9877 - "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". The focus was on "Swachh Bharat Mission" and "Go Green". The children understood the importance of cleanliness – "My School, My Responsibility". The idea was brought out through songs on brushing, handwash, Singara Chennai and Ask it. Initiatives like bio toilets and Clean Ganga Mission were highlighted. They won the PRIZE under this category.