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Inter House Competition
Inter-House Competitions were held on 21st July, 2017 for Classes I - IX and XI. Classes I and II had "What is the Good Word?". This was held to enhance the students' vocabulary and spelling which stimulated self and collaborative learning.
Dumb Charades was conducted for Classes III and IV. The participants mimed their hints and used gestures to communicate non-verbally in an effective way. The winners mimed in such a way that their team was able to guess the answers before the other teams did.
Quiz competition was held for classes V-IX and XI to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge. Classes V and VI formed Level-I The questions ranged from easy to challenging which helped the participants as well as the audience to identify gaps in their knowledge.
Classes VII-IX formed Level -II. The various rounds which covered History, Geography, Science, Music and Sports promoted a healthy debate among the participants.
Quiz competition for Class XI (Level III) was really challenging which stimulated the participants' basic knowledge in various subjects and enhanced their thinking ability. It helped to increase students' interest in General Knowledge.