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Blood Donation Awareness and Camp

Dr. Deepa from the Cancer Institute, Chennai presided over the gathering that assembled in the Square for a brief session on the Awareness of Blood Donation.

Specifically the Dr shared valuable information on the advantage of Voluntary Non- remunerated Donation. The truth that " Blood cannot be manufactured" instilled much eagerness among the audience to soulfully strive to contribute for the Blood Donation camp which is scheduled the following day in the school premises.

The Dr productively kept the mass informed about the advantages of blood donation, the preliminary health check-ups, the intervals at which blood can be donated, the time taken to regain normalcy and many more in a persuading tone.

The conclave came to an end with a rejenuvating thought that regular blood donation can minimize the risk of cancer and other hard diseases. Finally the informative session came to an end with the Dr clarifying the queries of the students.

Blood Donation Awareness

On 8th June, 2019 the school ventured to bestow a vital contribution for the welfare of the society through Blood Donation Camp. The Adyar Cancer Institute ushered in to harvest blood from the volunteers. The school presented 47 donors consisting of 32 Parents, 6 Teachers and 9 Alumni. The programme sowed seeds of awareness among the partakers.

Blood Donation