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Interact Club Collection - Oct 2017
AMM School Interact Club collected sarees, dhoties and shirts and Rs.2.00 from each child on 16.10 17 as a part of their monthly activity to donate to Vishranthi Home for the aged and Arunodhyam.
We don't need lakhs and crores to donate and make a difference in someone's life. Just a few hundreds can do wonders for the needy and poor. The Interact Club donated Rs.5,000/- to Vishranthi to spend for a meal.
As dance and music provide entertainment for all age groups, the students held the attention of the elderly people by entertaining them through a classical dance and devotional songs.
Story telling, an ancient form of entertainment was enjoyed by the students when it was narrated to them.
Children served food in an elegant and sophisticated manner to the people of Vishranthi. This activity paved way for the Interact Club members to meet people from different walks of life under one roof.