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Inter house Dance & Skit Competitions
Inter-House Dance Competition was conducted on 17th November, 2017 for Classes I - IV in connection with the International Cultural Fest, an ongoing Project of the Primary School. Classes Iand II danced to the music of France, Sri Lanka, Hawaai and Scotland.
Classes III and IV danced to the music of Korea,Russia, Spain and Malaysia. It was a great celebration of dance on the stage. This competition increased self-confidence and sense of achievement among the participants.
Classes V - IX had Inter-house Skit Competition on Social Issues in Tamil (Classes V - VII) and English (Classes VIII & IX). Students were allowed to think on their own and form their ideas connected to social issues in India and prepare a skit.
Students played the role of playwright, directors and costume designers. They wrote scripts on social issues namely Blue Whale Game, Corruption, Dengue, Poverty, Strikes, Caste System etc. Through these skits, students understood that if they want to make India as true "World Leader", it is imperative that they make an improvement on the social front.