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November Month
Children's Day 2020

Children's Day was celebrated at AMMMHSS on 12th November, 2020. Every year the school comes up with inventive ways of making this day enjoyable and memorable for the children. Children's day 2020 in AMM School was truly memorable. Student teachers from class XII handled lessons for the day / class. Right from LKG to class 11, these students donned the mantel of teachers and kept the children enthralled through their well-planned schedule. They not only taught the little ones their lessons for the day but also handled the PT, dance, art, craft, and story sessions, some were even Quizmasters! It was good to see that the students of class XII kept the children engaged, focused, and happy.

Class XII students felt it was a stress buster and a good break from the monotony of online classes. While the younger children enjoyed their classes, parents were amazed at the confidence of the older ones.

Childrens Day 2020 Childrens Day 2020

Air is all around...


Decorating Diya's

Childrens Day 2020 Childrens Day 2020

Painting a pretty picture


Plethora of activities

Childrens Day 2020 Childrens Day 2020

A lesson on Money


Zumba fun

Childrens Day 2020 Childrens Day 2020

Alphabet time


Easy Peasy matching activity

Childrens Day 2020 Childrens Day 2020

Its fun to learn...


Art work in progress