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November Month
GTA Vidhya Mandir School Competition

LKG children participated in various competition conducted by GTA Vidhya Mandir on 30th November, 2019, in Neelankarai and won first place in fo fo Phonics and third place in colouring.

GTA Vidhya Mandir School Competition GTA Vidhya Mandir School Competition

Dakshesh won first place in fo fo Phonics


Adity won third place in colouring

Value Education Field Trip To V - Excel Foundation

On the morning of the 8th of November 2019 AMM Boys paid a lovely visit to the V excel Foundation - Mylapore for the community services with the motto of " What is life without helping one another".

These foundations are an important part of our society as they give children and adults the kind of upbringing they need regardless of their family situation. Too often children and grown up adults find themselves in a situation where they don't have parents to take care of them. The reasons can be many but at the end the result is the same they become kids with nowhere to go and no way to get the proper care they need.

Our school boys sang songs for them , ate community lunch along with them and also learnt what are the trainings they undergo everyday like making of bags, jewels with coconut shell, pen stand with eco – friendly products etc. We had made friends with them and my friends are Naveen and Srikan who is good in singing and making paper bags.

I think that all should visit such foundations and see the people who are thirsty for our love. Let us all try to do something for these lovely angels. Visiting them will rid us of all depressions and frustrations and will give a new meaning to our lives.

Field Trip To V Excel Field Trip To V Excel
Field Trip To V Excel Field Trip To V Excel
Field Trip To V Excel

AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School organised a field trip for class 10 girls to V excel foundation – Adyar on 8th November 2019.

V-Excel Educational Trust is committed to helping people with special needs and fulfil their potential to lead positive, productive and rewarding lives, through facilitating the development , delivery of treatment therapies, educational programs, training programs, sports programs residential and independent living programs.This event was organised for us to interact with the people with autism and disabilities.

At first , we saw them making handmade products like table mats, paper bags, jute bowl with friendly materials like jute and newspapers. They were so talented and trained to make those products.

Later, we had lunch that we brought from home together. They enjoyed the food very much. It was a lovely experience. I would like to conclude this report with a quote : " Some people with autism may not be able to speak or answer to their name, but they can still hear your words and feel your kindness".

Field Trip To V Excel Field Trip To V Excel
Field Trip To V Excel Field Trip To V Excel
Children's Day

Like colourful butterflies the children decked in colourful array gathered in the school ground to witness the Children's day programmes. The day resounded with delightful sound of joy and laughter and carried its fragrance all over. It was time for the teachers to display an exemplary show to amuse their wards on a day made for them. The Principal lead the presentations hand in hand with the Head Primary as the Master of Ceremonies. The choir chanted the 'Om' followed by the enchanting song 'All things bright and beautiful' that lured the children to hum along. Ms. Rebecca updated the day's News . Ms. Uma and Ms. Sivagami presented the New Word for the day for which Ms. Ponni and Ms. Zeneth arrayed in a typically relevant costume, staged a ramp walk to drive home the word. Children felt enticed by a tamil song that was all in praise of Tamizh. Last but not the least a mime on effects of obesity was brought out humorously through the splendid and professional acting of few teachers. This laughter and fun was wholesome and attested the day as a memorable one.

Om Chanting

Childrens Day Childrens Day
Childrens Day Childrens Day

Prayer Song

Childrens Day Childrens Day

Thought For The Day



Childrens Day Childrens Day

New Word Of The Day

Childrens Day Childrens Day

Birthday Celebration


Tamil Song

Childrens Day Childrens Day


Childrens Day Childrens Day
Childrens Day Childrens Day