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October 2017
Date Activity Participants/ Class Organizer Outcome
4.10.17 to 10.10.17 Medical check-up Students KG-XII Omayal Aachi College of Nursing Health checkup for students from KG – XII. This year Hb count was included in the checkup for classes VI – XII. Children with low Hb were given diet counseling. Students of the college conducted a health talk on dental caries for classes IV – VI. They also did a session on 'Unsafe Touch' for class III
5.10.17 Conference on "Futuristic Schools" for school principal R. Mahalakshmi - Principal CII(Confederation of Indian Industry) Few sessions were on 'Parental expectation', 'Curriculum – Uniform and of universal standards', 'Current education system'.
7.10.17 Awareness Programme on Identifying best teaching practices in school Education for school leaders R. Mahalakshmi - Principal,
Ms. Kaushal,
Ms. Seethalakshmi
O.P Jindal – Gobal University The session was on identifying best teaching practices in school education for school leaders’, conducted by Prof. O.P. Jindal of Global University.
13.10.17 Fire Drill Conducted for students and staff AMM Safety Team Time taken for evacuation: 3.33 mins. Total no.of students: 1192 (Classes LKG – XII), Total no.of Teaching Staff: 55, Total no.of Non- Teaching Staff: 13
13.10.17 Workshop on Biodiversity Dr. Supraja Dharani Anna University Ocean Technology and Tree Foundation Hands on activity on Ecosystem and awareness talk on elephants and turtle rescue.
28.10.17 Interact Club Interact club members Interact Club Visited Vishranthi Home and for aged and contributed Rs.5000 for lunch along with 220 sarees, 20 sets of dhothis and shirts.
28.10.17 Workshop Maduban Publication Ms. Anuradha and Ms. Brindha New ideas on Aural and Oral Skills.