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March Month

Founder’s Day

The Founder’s Day was celebrated on 01.03.2015. Poorvaja of Class IX gave a speech about our founder. On this day, the prizes for the Project Day were given out by Dr. Srinivasa Rao, the judge who was very appreciative of the efforts taken by the students and the teachers.

PI Day

PI Day was celebrated by the students of classes V to VIII on 13.03.2015.

Teacher Empowerment Programme

Teacher Empowerment Programme (TEP) was conducted on 07.03.2015

Excursion to the Vandalur Zoo

The students of Class VI went on an excursion to the Vandalur Zoo on 18.03.2015.

Culmination of various Clubs

The Culmination of various clubs for Classes I to IX took place on 30.03.2015.