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June Month
Date Activity Participants / Class Organizer Outcome
02.06.18 Parenting Programme - For parents of Class V - IX Session for parents was on how they can encourage their wards, develop effective communication and understand their needs. Mr. Karthik Lakshmanan Parents liked the session and interacted well with the resource person.
09.06.18 Blood Donation camp Create awareness about blood donation and save life VHS 45 donors donated blood. Among them were 8 teachers, 4 alumni and 33 parents.
13.06.18 Leadership Session Members of Student Council – The students were exposed to various aspects of leadership and pepped down their roles and responsibilities Housemistresses, Counselor, Co-curricular Secretary, Vice Principal The student council should play an important role in all activities of school, including discipline
14.06.18 Leadership Program for Primary Captains The students interacted with the primary captains, had some activities for them and duties were allotted by the coordinators. Conducted by Head Boy, Head Girl, Art Head Boy and Art Head Girl


Training / Workshop / Seminar - Staff / Students
Date Activity Participants / Class Organizer Outcome
08.06.18 Ramanujan Math Workshop Attended by Mrs. Srividya (KITSCON) Mrs. Meena It was a hands-on activity based workshop for class I to V. Topics covered – Add, Subtract, Multiply, Division and Fractions
08.06.18 KITSCON Math Workshop Workshop on hands on activities for classes VI – IX. Topics Covered – Integers, Parallelogram Properties, Algebraic Expression Add & Sub Mrs. Gayathri Workshop was good. It is implemented during the class.
16.06.18 Seminar on “Antarctica Glacier and Global Warming” 25 students from Class VIII – XII attended the seminar and gained first-hand info about the region. Tamil Virtual Academy – Dr. Sridhar Ananda Krishnan It was very informative and interacting. The students posed questions to the speaker after the presentation and get their doubts cleared about the region.
23.06.18 Basic Robotic Training Workshop 5 students from Class IX TN Science and Technology Centre It was a hands-on activity session. The students learned how to program a robot to perform basic functions
26.06.18 Region Submit of School Principals in Dealing with Failures – “Developing Resilience in School Children” Attended by Vice Principal, Counselor & Mrs. Kaushal ICTRC – Delhi
Dr. Ravindran & Prof. Keshav
Different aspects of Resilience were spoken about how schools can help students in developing resilience and also educate parents about this.