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February Month
Date Activity Participants/ Class Organizer Outcome
18.01.18 to 03.02.18 Individual counseling  Class X parents and students Counselor Class X parents & students were called individually and career profiling results were discussed. Guidance regarding career options was given.
12.02.18 WOW Collection AMM School ITC Primary + Secondary = 128 kgs
Office + Library + Exam Cell = 96 kgs
Total collection = 224 kgs
24.02.18 Interview – AMM Founder’s Day 5 Class IX students along with 2 staff members AMM School Ms. Usha Sampath, Ms. Sivakama Sundari and 5 students from Class IX went to visit Mrs. Valliaachi (daughter of Mr. Arunachalam) with regard to Founder’s day centenary celebration. Students got to know more about the founders of the school they are studying in and were touched by their humility and gracious hospitality.