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April Month

The KG Graduation Day

The KG Graduation Day was held on 01.04.2015. Dr. Prema Srinivasan, Researcher-Freelance Writer and Translator was the Chief Guest for the event.

Class XII Farewell

The Class XII Farewell was given on 01.04.2015.

Class XII Graduation Day

The Class XII Graduation Day was held on 01.04.2015. The Chief Guest was Mr.K Srinivasan, Managing Director of CUMI.

Class XII - Thanksgiving

The students of Class XII expressed their gratitude to their teachers - Thanksgiving on 07.04.2015.

The Primary Annual Day

The Primary Annual Day was held on 11.04.2015. The Chief Guest for the evening was Dr. Subramanian Bhavanishankar Senior principal Lalaji Memorial Omega International school.


Admissions for Classes LKG and XI were conducted.