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October Month
Water Scarcity - A Symposium At The School, KFI

We the students from classes 9A and 9B, went to THE SCHOOL, KFI situated at Thazhambur for a symposium based on water scarcity.It was conducted for two days 30th and 31st of October. Schools such as Good Earth,The Grove,KC High and TI came too.KFI students participated too.We had a great learning experience there. First, we were supposed to do a presentation on Water Scarcity and how to revert it. After all the schools were done with their presentation,we were all shown a movie about the importance of water and the plight of a place in Peru called Lima which suffers from Water Scarcity. We had a discussion about the Short Film in which we were allowed to share our thoughts. After that we had a break and the schools which weren't done with their presentations were allowed to display it after which the first day of the symposium was over.On the second day,just like the first,the symposium started at 9:00 am and ended at 2:15 pm.On the second day,we had a guest lecturer,courtesy of KFI,who told us all about the reasons for water scarcity in Chennai and Tamilnadu.Then we had a "FRUIT BREAK" which included bananas and biscuits.After that,we were all separated into random groups and were sent off to different venues to discuss over an article and make a collage about our understanding of water. It was a wonderful experience to bond with the students of different schools. After that, we all bid goodbye and we came back to school with a strong view upon water scarcity and a smile on our faces.

Water Scarcity Water Scarcity
Anna Centenary Library Visit by Buds

The students of buds 1 to 8 visited Anna Centenary Library on Saturday 12.10.2019 as part of the Bunny club activity. Their parents accompanied them on the hour long visit and helped them choose and read age appropriate books.

Anna Centenary Library Visit Anna Centenary Library Visit
Anna Centenary Library Visit Anna Centenary Library Visit
Anna Centenary Library Visit