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March Month
Date Activity Participants / Class Organizer Outcome
15.03.18 Physics Tinkering Lab Class VIII students AMM physics department The first lab session attended by students of class VIII. They learnt how to solder 2 wires.
16.03.18 Turtle walk 60 students from classes IV, VIII, & IX ‘Tree Foundation’ – Dr. Supraja Dharini 60 students from classes IV, VIII, & IX participated with staff and parent volunteers. Students understood the importance of turtles in the ecosystem and role of students to save them for future.
22.03.18 Value Education  field trip – St. Louis deaf and dumb school, Adyar Class III A.M.M. School Children of class III learnt how deaf and dumb children learn and write. Children went to classrooms and learned the teaching methodology, sign language for alphabets from those teachers
27.03.18 Value Ed. Activity – Road Safety Awareness Class V AMM School Class V students stood near Kottupuram traffic junction and held placards spreading awareness about road safety. Roses were given to citizens those who obeyed traffic rules. Pamphlets were also distributed to urge citizens to follow Road Safety Rules. Students enthusiastically participated and enjoyed in this awareness program.
27.03.18 Value Ed. Activity – Save Water Rally Class VI AMM School Class VI students were taken in and around Kotturpuram to create awareness on ‘save water’. Students made placard based on water conservation and its importance in our life. Students actively participated in the rally which created an impact on the public.
27.03.18 Value Ed. Activity – Teaching origami to students from Chennai school of Kottur Class VII AMM School Students of class VII enjoyed by sharing their knowledge in ‘Origami- craft made of paper’ with the students from Chennai school, Kottur. Nearly 50 students from class VII has participated in this activity. Both school students interacted and enjoyed this ‘teaching and learning’ activity.
27.03.18 Value Ed. Activity – Health Talk Class VIII AMM School Dr. Kalaivani Ramalingam addressed the students of class VIII with the tips of ‘how to keep ourselves fit and strong’ by following good food and healthy habits. The interactive session mainly focused on healthy food habits. Students had their doubts cleared in a simple and understandable manner.