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August Month
Date Activity Participants / Class Organiser Outcome
 01.08.2015 Explore Science 2015
(Science Experiments)
Sakthi Vaibhav,
Raja Rajan VII
S Kavine, Medhya V
Praveen, Nimish XI
Amritha VII
Anish, Vinesh Raja IX
TI School 1st Place

1st Place
1st Place
3rd Place
1st Place
 01.08.2015 Sri Ram Literary Competition Harini III
Varna VI
Meghna VI
Hrithika VII
Class IX
20.08.2015 Quiz on religious monuments and
places in Madras
Class IX and XII students Thejus Organization 3rd  place
21.08.2015 Amalgam 2015 Praveen.J (XI-B)
Nimesh.S (XI-C)
IIT Metallurgy Dept 3rd place
22.08.2015 Madras Quotient Quiz Shubhankar Agarwal  (XII-B)
Saikrishna.S (VIII-A)
Sarvesh (X-A)
Murugappa Group 2nd place
22.08.2015 Annual Inter School Science
Students of Classes VIII
and IX
BVM Adyar Participation Prizes
29.08.2015 Quiz Tejas Sivan,
Shubankar Agrawal XII
Dinamalar Daily 3rd Place out of 750 teams
(Cash prize of Rs 10,000/-)