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October Month
Film Cub Event

On 24th October the film club session was conducted for classes V & VI. 35 students attended the session. A short Tamil film "Kupaikaran" was screened. Prediction was done for the clipping; students shared their views on how the movie will end. The take away value was, not being ashamed of what our parents job is, respect it, no job is small or big.

As it was pre- Diwali week a short clipping on Diwali was screened, with the message that Diwali is a festival of sharing your joy and happiness by helping others.

The session was facilitated by Nitin of class XII , Chetna of class XI and Aiswarya of class IX.

Film Cub Event Film Cub Event
Film Cub Event

On 31st October the film club was conducted for classes III & IV. 33 students attended the session. 2 clippings were shown- WINGS & FRIENDS FOREVER The value of friendship and helping others was stressed.

Passing the ball game was played, whoever gets the ball when music stops, must talk about sharing their best memories with friends.

The session was facilitated by Chetna of class XI, Aiswarya of class IX & Dhruti of class VIII.

Film Cub Event Film Cub Event
Inter House Cultural Event

The cultural competitions for classes V- XII were held during Term –I to bring out the various talents embedded in the students. The competitions are Debate, Quiz, Dumb – Charades. Children were able to showcase their skills in various activities and compete to improve their ability. The institution intends the participation of all the students whose talents differ. Talented organisers judged the students. The winners were awarded certificates on 14th October 2019. The team spirit of the four houses Bharathi, Gandhi, Nehru and Tagore with able House captains shows a lot in the performance of group activities. Children enjoy the competitive spirit which enables them to develop their intellectual and cultural skills too.

The following are the various competitions included to show their excellence and the results of the competition:

QUIZ Jaswanthi – V Tagore First
V and VI Akshay – V Tagore
  Hashad – VI Tagore
  Siddhanth- VI Tagore
  Preetha – V Bharathi Second
  Ankitha- V Bharathi
  Vaishnavi – VI Bharathi
  Nandan- VI Bharathi
  Nathan – V Gandhi Third
  Yashika – V Gandhi
  Ashwanth- VI Gandhi
  Yashaswini- VI Gandhi
VII - IX Rohan Ramesh – IX Tagore First
  Ajeya Aravind – VIII Tagore
  Aryan ghosh - VII Tagore
  Vetrivelan – IX Nehru Second
  Shreekari – VIII Nehru
  Jason - VII Nehru
  Niveditha - IX Bharathi Third
  Hariharan- VIII Bharathi
  Ramanujam- VII Bharathi
X – XII Ronan Joshua – X Nehru First
  Shwetha – XI Nehru
  Sai Krishna - XII Nehru
  Abhijit – XII Bharathi Second
  Lakshitha- X Bharathi
  Haridev- XI Bharathi
Debate Krithika – V Gandhi First
V and VI S. Chandini- V Gandhi
  Bhavana - VI Gandhi
VII – IX Yashwanth Vijay- VII Bharathi First
  Shreeshanth- VIII Bharathi
  Dhruthi- VIII Bharathi
Dumb charades Krithikpranav- V Gandhi First
V and VI Yashashwini- VI Gandhi
  Chaithanya- VI Gandhi
  Bhuvaneswari- VI Tagore Second
  Anney- VI Tagore
  Harshad - VI Tagore
  Shalini- VI Nehru Third
  Jeevitha- VI Nehru
  Jai pavan- VI Nehru
(VII – IX) Nethra – IX Nehru First
  Ashwin- IX Nehru
  Sharan - IX Nehru
  Krashanya- VII Nehru Second
  Vishnu – VIII Nehru
  Rhaksha- VIII Nehru
  Rahul Prakash - VIII Tagore Third
  Ajeya Aravind - VIII Tagore
  Lokesh - IX Tagore
Inter House Cultural Event Inter House Cultural Event
PM's Visit

On the occasion of Indian Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to Chennai, for two days, 102 students of our school participated in the greeting ceremony. Our school was one among the five schools who were in schedule on that day. The children were excited to wish and greet the visitors by waving the Indian National flag and Chinese flag. Children learnt that the higher authority needs to be respected at all circumstances.

PM's Visit PM's Visit
PM's Visit PM's Visit