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AMM Primary Sports Day & International Cultural Fest '18
The Primary Sports Day and International Cultural Fest - 2018 was held on 24.2.2018. A platform was created for the inter cultural exposition of art, dance, sport, food, music etc. Dignitaries from Malaysia, France, Japan, Russia and Australian Consulates graced the occasion.
The French are extremely fond of music and dance and therefore are credited to invent a number of world-famous dances. Students of Class -I performed a French dance gracefully and entertained the audience.
The music and dance of Sri Lanka has its roots in ancient folk rituals. Students of Class - II performed the Kandyan dance of Sri Lanka. It was truly enchanting.
Russia is a large and culturally diverse country with many ethnic groups, each with their own locally developed music. The most popular dance form in Russia is called "Plyaska". It was a visual treat to watch out for the fluid movements and graceful steps of Class -IV students who performed the "Plyaska" dance of Russia.
"Friendship beyond borders" is the spirit we have embraced. The captains of AMM School came together for the song of oneness saying "The world is my home and we have no borders", as a celebratory gesture for the event.